24.03.22 A Day On Foot

The Arundel Boathouse

Sun. Fresh air. A 5k walk on the Downs around Arundel Lake.

This is the old boathouse. People have carved their names on every available centimetre of wood.

Fallen tree

Nature never gives up. Knock it down, and it keeps on growing.

sunlight through daffodils

Sunlight through the daffodils in the garden this morning.

9 responses to “24.03.22 A Day On Foot”

    • We often head for Arundel for a walk. Rolling hills that aren’t too tough on the heart, but still get it pumping. Not many people either, which is nice. I’m still hesitant mixing with large crowds of people, and wearing a face mask in the fresh air just makes me sad.

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      • It looks gorgeous, just the sort of place we like, and I agree; wearing a face mask in the open air seems to defeat the whole object of the walk.


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