GoDogGo Cafe Haibun Wednesday

GoDogGo Cafe Haibun Wednesday
a white wooden fence

Down by the towpath along the creek, walking against the insect noise and twists of roots from trees that no longer exist, past the rustling thistles of last summer’s dry shadows once indefinably green against the brittle sky . . . there once was a tall wooden fence as white and straight and even as milk teeth, and I always peeked through the knotholes just to see the other side. 

in the wake of long grass
deep purple, bell-shaped flowers
the morning sun floats

for GoDogGo Cafe Haibun Wednesday, and Twiglet 270 “milk teeth” image from Unsplash ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

14 responses to “GoDogGo Cafe Haibun Wednesday”

  1. Some neighborhoods do not allow such fences. Though some fences are needed.
    I like your description and the innocence of wondering. I am reminded of all the changes that have been made for progress… some not so good.


  2. Misky, this is a beautiful haibun! You take the reader into the moment with succinct words and imagery – I especially loved “twists of roots from trees that no longer exist” – mwah!


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