12.03.22: Too Early

The Crow That Arrived Too Early

The morning is icy,
the bird bath is frozen,
and the house stares out
on a silvery fog, and there’s

a crow is on the lawn.
An onyx star. A bull’s eye.
A caw . . . a caw.
Stab with your incantations,

hollow out a moon’s feast.
I heard a crow laughing,
and the world
turned upside down.

Revised 12/2/22 10:17am Image is from Wikioo. “Arrived Too Early” by William Kurelek, 1974 Public Domain.  ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

4 responses to “12.03.22: Too Early”

  1. I remember crows laughing as they used to tease the cat.


    1. It’s quite a chilling sound!

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  2. Crowonderful work.

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  3. Spooky. Beautiful. Love it

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