04.03.22 for GoDogGo Café

pigeon B&W

She Must Be Mad
                  for “Other Voices – Other Rooms” #31

What madness edges its way
into her reality.
Causes unreasonable alarm,
banging on windows,
a geodesic short fuse . . .

(Geeze, he says, it’s just a bloody pigeon)

. . . birds pulling up her daffodils,
still tight, unopened, newly sprouted
in the dark, and silently waiting
for a grinding of light
to bring them from dead to life.

What causes a woman who
peaceably writes poetry by day
to shout like a longshoreman
at filthy pigeons at dawn.

She must be mad, surely
the neighbours must think so.

GoDogGo Café March 2022 Book Title Prompts #31 She Must Be Mad. Photo by Indivar Kaushik on Unsplash ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

7 responses to “04.03.22 for GoDogGo Café”

  1. I love this as a poem. It’s very punchy. I love “geodesic short fuse”. I love the concept. But I say in defense, we all have our passions. 🙂 Every woman has her daffodils (for example) and every man has his duco (for example). You’ve sent me thinking… what are my daffodils?

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    1. The thing with my daffodils is complicated. And perhaps a little mad. My family has this odd thing that for centuries back, we die in December or January (from nature causes – suicide doesn’t count). So when my daffodils bloom, it’s a signal to my superstitious brain that I’ve survived another winter. So when those pigeons starting pulling up my daffodils (with the bulbs intact!) I had a slight wobble (shall we say). I planted those bulbs 25-years ago, and those pigeons just shorted out my fuse. 😂

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      1. Wow. That’s pretty… existential. And 25 year old bulbs?? I think those pigeons definitely had it coming. 🙂


        1. I’ve always thought it’s … well, pretty weird, and maybe unbelievable, but Mum was always rabbiting on about it, so as the saying goes, “shit sticks”. Mum died in December. Dad died in December. Grandma Eunice died in January. Grandpa Casper died in January. And so on and so on. And as far as the pigeons go, I was shouting at them from behind a window because I was still in my dressing gown. 😂

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          1. I live among very scientific & pragmatic people. Magic doesn’t have much place among them. And yet it persists on my periphery – happening to other people. Experience is real. We piece it together how we can. I love the image of you slippered and irate at the window. LOL


            1. My sister and my mother both believe(d) in ghosts. I don’t, mostly because the sight of one would scare me silly, and only people who believe in them claim to have seen them. I don’t want some long dead cousin traipsing through my walls…so I don’t believe in them. 😂 How’s that for logic and pragmatism.

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            2. Lol. Fair play. 😀

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