22.02.22 The Grave of Arigdor Kara

the old jewish cemetery Prague
Arigdor Kara's grave at the old Jewish cemetery in Prague CZ.

The Grave of Arigdor Kara

He returned to cool soil, and took his own truth with him. A cup of poetry beside his faith. They buried him below a granite slab, now lichen skimmed and shadow roots. The rabbi said his was a short lived bliss. Now strangers mark his passing, walk by his grave. Add a stone to another stone — to remember, to remember. They walk by in boney swarms. Where does his faithful light now rest — what do Arigdor Kara’s bright eyes see now.

Forest of gravestones,
Summer heat soaks through moss and
deciduous tears

Spent a few weeks one summer in Prague, exploring the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. Spent hours in the Old Jewish Cemetery, fascinated by Rabbi Arigdor Kara and his grave. He died in 1439. The oldest (known) grave in the cemetery. Arigdor was a Kabbalist, a prolific writer and poet. The featured image is my own. The other photo is from Flickr Commons by Jorge Yagüe París (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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9 responses to “22.02.22 The Grave of Arigdor Kara”

  1. Oh wonderful language! So much I love in this!! A cup of poetry, Boney swarms, deciduous tears…. just perfect.


  2. a granite slab? Is he in someone’s kitchen?

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  3. A cup of poetry beside his faith. Beautiful. I’m lucky to get a cup of tea beside a biscuit!

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    1. I’m lucky to have a tea bag.

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      1. Obviously blessed.


        1. If I had a Ginger Nut with it I might be…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. A chocolate ginger nut would be perfect.


            1. If it’s chocolate, you’ll have to turn your head while suck my fingers clean.

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