for Twiglet #266

The Conjurer by Hieronymus Bosch. 14C

Her Godbone

What we believe
is what we want to believe.
Like my sister says

a white dove flew over her car
while she waited
in a queue for the ferry.

That was the day Dad died.
It was Dad, she said, but she mourned
him even before he was dead.

She has a locket with his ashes,
and a small silver box
with some of him in it, too.

There are slivers of shinbone,
and powdery ash.
Dad is the flesh of soil, but she

keeps that box in a drawer,
and says he’s her godbone.
Like a small token god.

Hope slides out of me.

Mum always carried a rabbit’s foot
in her purse. Sometimes
weirdness runs in the family.

Maybe I belong to some other family.

for Twiglet #266 “small gods” Image: The Conjuror by Hieronymus Bosch  ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

14 responses to “for Twiglet #266”

  1. was it the same rabbit’s foot? like, forever?

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    1. I don’t actually know about that, but she always had one in her coat pocket, as if she never left home without it.

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  2. It’s enough to make your hare curl!

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  3. Lovely poem. I love eccentricities. Misky, where do you look for the artworks you use? I have been trying to use Google artworks but I don’t actually know much about art. So, for instance, tonight I wanted to hunt for an artwork picturing a street scene. But I really didn’t know how to look. Maybe you just know what you want to look for.

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    1. The search term “street scene” is probably too broad. Try key words rather than phrases, drilling down to specifics about the street (traffic, markets, cafes, pedestrians, potholes). I use several sites, although WikiArt is probably my favourite. Unsplash. Wikiart. Wikimedia. Flickr Commons. Shorpy Historical Archive. Public Domain Archive. Flickr, then do a search for key words BUT refine your search on the left side from “All License” to one that allows your use. There are more search option under “Advanced” on the right side. Both WikiArt and Unsplash have phone apps which are useful if you want to kill a few hours with no effort.

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      1. Many many thanks for your detailed reply!!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!

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        1. You’re welcome. 🥰

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  4. Delightful descriptions, Misky. I like how these feels like a reveal of secret spiritualities; in a way, we all hold on to those things or moments. I see it in myself, anyways.

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  5. A really good one. Death can bring out so many offbeat emotional responses. Weirdness can happen in everyone’s family

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    1. Thank you, Larry.

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