Read Me: WP Bug Workaround

The WordPress technical engineers advised the following workaround for posting comments until they can fix the bug.

“We have reported this to our developers and they are looking into it. While we do not have an exact timeline for a fix, I can assure you that it’s on our radar.

The workaround is copying the comment from a text/word editor and then pasting it into the comment box.”

Hobbo and Wormsie, I hope this helps.


11 responses to “Read Me: WP Bug Workaround”

  1. Many thanxs!!! So nice of you to chase this up!! I haven’t copied this from a word file but if I avoid words with the letter that comes after j, it’s not too bad.

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    1. Just for the heck of it, try the copy and paste, and see if it works.

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      1. Okey dokey! I did copu and paste from one comment to another once because it flipped me over and my comment was in the wrong spot. That was a success so I can see that the suggestion works. It’s just … less convenient than one has come to expect. 😀

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        1. If you haven’t reported this bug to that URL I posted yesterday, then please do because the more people who report it, the sooner there’ll be a proper fix for it. If they think it’s just a few users, they’ll put it on the back burner.

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          1. This is what I wrote: At the moment, if I comment on other blogs, the “k” key causes WP to think that I wish to exit the page. And another key (perhaps “l”?) activates and de-activates the “like” star. It is very aggravating. It is not only happening to me. Other bloggers are experiencing it and are so discouraged, they can’t be bothered to comment on other blogs anymore. WP is a community so not only has my experience become annoying and inconvenient, but I feel like the community is coming untied.

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    1. Report it to WordPress so they know how common this bug is. There’s a contact form at

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  2. I commented successfully yesterday still. Didn’t know there was an issue?

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    1. Some users see the issue, whilst others don’t. It rather random it seems.


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