12.02.22: Maxim’s Pantoum

Tutor Dining Table

It’s the Soul of Maxim’s Palace

It’s like a happy Chinese meal.
A duck hullabaloo
that’s noisy as jackdaws.
Snappy as vinegar.
A duck hullabaloo
on red tablecloths.
Snappy as vinegar.
Oranges. Gold. As twilight
on red. Tablecloths
the colour of joy,
oranges gold as twilight,
or rain on a tile roof.
The colour of joy
that’s noisy as jackdaws,
or rain on a tin roof.
It’s like a happy Chinese meal.

Maxim’s was my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong when we lived there. As with all Chinese restaurants, they’re noisy, bright, colourful and alive. Poetic form: Non-rhyming Pantoum: abcd/bedf/egfh/gcha ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter. Image is from the British Library Manuscript Archive.

9 responses to “12.02.22: Maxim’s Pantoum”

  1. Super!! Your poem too is noisy, bright, cheerful and alive! I love the flow. THe Pantoum’s repetition works perfectly.

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    1. Thanks, Worms! 😁

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  2. ‘Duck hullabaloo’ and ‘snappy as vinegar’, excellence, compressed into five words.

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    1. Ands all the rest is confetti 😂

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      1. 😂 Absolutely not confetti, yet it is, those two phrase stand out!

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  3. Our first (and thereafter weekly) date after I moved up here to share my life with My Beloved Sandra was 31 years ago at The Peking Garden in nearby Newport (Vermont), a smallish and delicious (though not gourmet) spot on Main Street where we became such regulars that we hardly ever even asked for a menu & the server (Tan) knew us by name & NEVER had to ask if we wanted to get things started with a Scorpion Bowl (cocktail) for two.

    Imagine how bummed we were when she sold the place and moved to Seattle.

    Your poem, my friend, brings all of that back to me and is therefore extremely successful. And beautifully delivered. Thanks


    1. Delighted it sparked a few memories for you. ❤️


  4. This is so good, and now I want Chinese food! How long did you live in HK for, Misky?


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    1. Thanks! Six wonderful years, post-handover.

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