2.02.22: VV February 22

A Hundred Butterflies

She’s soothed in the colour
of old gas light, and
sways to a piano’s moan.

The warm, dense air
has put her in a weary sort of
satisfied mood. The moon

hanging pregnantly full,
and the stars up there
hum like bees at

the jasmine and honeysuckle.
It’s a thick scent that
makes her head swim,

makes her feel light as
a butterfly’s shadow.
Is it madness or blasphemy
to worship the night,

with its floral scents that
caress the skin like
a hundred butterflies.

Never let it be said
that she wanted more
than a sweet smelling life.

©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter. Written and submitted to Visual Verse for their February issue Vol 4 Chapter 9. Image by Yasin Aribuga.

5 responses to “2.02.22: VV February 22”

  1. Very sensual and soft. Lovely!

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  2. I love the almost cheeky ending! 👍

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    1. Thanks! We’ll see if they pick it up to publish.

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      1. I can’t find my crossed fingers emoji…but they are.

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