21.1.22 Where We Can Begin Again

There’s an updated version of this post

for GoDogGo Cafe : Tuesday Writing Challenge . Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash ©Misky 2022 Shared with #godoggocafe #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

6 responses to “21.1.22 Where We Can Begin Again”

  1. The line breaks are all wrong. I’ll rewrite this one.


  2. It’s so enigmatic. For some reason the waves breaking in single file had my brain circling around itself. I love the night slipping off and the bleating arrows into heaven. Mysterious and dreamlike. Reminds me of a lullaby.

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    1. Thanks. I’m going to rework it, trim it back a bit. It blathers on a tad. It might be that line breaks, instead of couplets, sorts it out. By the way, how are your fingernails doing? I know that’s a bit out of the blue, but I was thinking about you yesterday.

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      1. THe ugliness is slowly growing out, thanks. They’re not painful anymore but my fingertips are still numb as are my toes. Nobody can tell me how long that will last. Thank you for thinking of me. That’s very sweet! ❤


        1. Amazing how we heal, isn’t it. ❤️

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