Day 16 A Genius Under the Table

A Book Called A Genius Under the Table
……. assuming that my kids are geniuses

The children tinkered
with a wishbone,
and not pulling,
wishing the other to snap.

There were days
when I thought
they might rip-up the sky,
while I was busy,
buried in life.

Written for GoDogGo Café. A Book called “A Book Called A Genius Under the Table” – Constraint: The title of a book is included in the title or the body of your poem. ©Misky 2022. Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday #GoDOGGoCafe  #GreatReadsPromptChallenge on Twitter. 

5 responses to “Day 16 A Genius Under the Table”

  1. ‘Buried in life,’ what a super phrase! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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