Q14: A Journey of Limited Space

night sky stars sailboat


I’ll pack a bag,
lock out those
leathery tongues of
news and politics.

a bag full of memories
for a long journey into light.

I’ll close my eyes and close my lips,
hold the world between two fingers.

Yesterday, I opened a drawer
and discovered I’ve been
collecting elastic rubber bands.

A box of them.
And a jar of pennies.

Pennies don’t buy much anymore.

Is it true that the Queen’s
handbag is empty?

Props without rhyme or reason.

I’ll pack my things in a plastic bag,
they last a 1000-years, and I’m told

there’s a lifetime of books.
So I’ll pack some matches,

and when I’m tired of reading,
I’ll make a fire
and keep myself warm.

Where are my glasses …

My bag is packed.
My glasses and a spare,
and matches.

Shut. Closed. Locked.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Day 14: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. You have to leave. You have infinite resources for replacing/upgrading your belongings, but limited space for ACTUAL things. Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

21 responses to “Q14: A Journey of Limited Space”

  1. Now I heard that the Queen’s handbag is full of elastic rubber bands and pennies. She never carries matches though, since her mum told her they were dangerous. if she wants a fag, she cadges a light off one of her corgies. 😂

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    1. I believe the corgies are hitchhiking around the galaxy nowadays.

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      1. 🤣 The Queens corgies are worth a fortune because she’s kept them in their original boxes!

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  2. I heard that the Quen’s handbag is full of poetry and it falls out in dribbles along her way, leaving England a richer, fruitier place. Very cool poem, Misky. I love the leathery tongues. And I love the matches (although if Hobbo is right you could take a corgie and have company as well!)

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    1. We’re used to dribbles. Or maybe it’s drivel we’re used to. I’m actually a bit depressed today, more and more dribble about booze parties. I told Mr M to turn off the darned news; it’s becoming a health hazard. And to think that I voted for these pillocks.

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      1. You’re right. The news is a health hazard. Big pharma handing out anti depressants to make more bucks. An inheritance of capitalism. I am sorry about the booze but Aussie pollies are pillocks too. Maybe not all. But the major parties.

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  3. Simple is best. I think I read somewhere that the Queen has some trinkets from her grandchildren in her pocketbook and maybe a hankie.

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  4. I know this guy who claims that he used to BE the Queen’s handbag. Unless I’m misinterpreting him.
    Cool work, Misky

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  5. Leathery tongues… perfect.
    Your “elastic rubber bands” made me realize I collect bread ties. I love the irony of saving things in a plastic bag so they’ll last a 1000 years. Great take on this prompt.

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    1. I make our bread, but even so, I’ve not seen a twist tie for a long time.

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      1. Do you need me to send you some?

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        1. Thanks, but no. 😁


          1. Ok. Oh, and I don’t need rubber bands. : )

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            1. Oh. Okay. Well, just bin them when they arrive. 😂


            2. 😂 No way. I save them forever!


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