Q8: What Do You Like About Your Writing

art museum


That is the question.
And here is my answer:

The pictures.

I love art.
If I could,
I would live in a museum
with polished light birch floors
and white matte walls,
no doors.

I’d place
a long sofa
in the middle of the room.
Nothing else,
that’s all.
Quite spartan.

Yesterday, I decided that I was bored living with my blog’s theme. It’s like writing on the walls of a museum. Black and white. Blank. No fuss. No dust. No must-fill-up the page with stuff. I might start a new poetry blog. New address. Like wearing a new dress. A bit of colour. Just because I can. But I’ll lose most of my followers here.

I would sit
with Bruegel’s proverbs,
Klimt’s forests
and Lowry’s tower,
Spencer’s love
and many failures,
those iron gates
of Mandalay,

a leg,
a bird,
a sail
a smile
an impish word,
to live
amongst still life.

But would you follow ……

For Miz Quickly’s Day 8: What do you like most about your writing.  Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

18 responses to “Q8: What Do You Like About Your Writing”

  1. Your blog is easy to read. Not to be underestimated.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. The format and font are easily taken with me. The niggle is that I’ve found a 4misky WordPress address for free. I need to give this some thought. I don’t want to put off my core readers.

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      1. I bought the domain mybump.uk entirely separately. I point my WordPress site to that name. But if I switch away from wp, I take the name with me.


        1. I’ll check into that. Thanks. Should it be an alias for the new one or for Pumb Lines? Is it possible to transfer all the old posts to a new blog? I seem to remember that it is possible.

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          1. You can in theory back up and restore your posts on a new blog, but I never tried it.
            But – do you have a pay subscription? You should be able to just set the name up without setting up a new blog.
            I started my site (personal subscription) as strokesurvivor.me.uk and changed it to mrbump.uk a few years ago.

            The people I used to buy mrbump are https://www.names.co.uk/. They have a little control panel on their site where I can point my domain at WordPress.

            Beware, though, names give you a cheap deal year one, then up the price year 2. It’s still only £20 or so)

            Give me a shout if you need a hand. Incidentally, the name misky.uk is available, first year is free. misky.com is not available. misky.blog is available, but £35/year!


            1. Is it really! I’m off to check that out now. Many thanks!


            2. The back up is done. Dead easy to do. My blogs are strictly freebie but I’m considering the Personal upgrade. The domain you get free is tied to your blog and URL, but you can purchase a separate one for an extra £18/year. I’ll play tomorrow with the import tool.


            3. Yeah I think that’s one of the perks of the personal subscription -in my case they allow me to associate my blog with “mrbunp.uk”

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            4. Okay. Soooo I buy the domain separately; but the £4/mo subscription ( or should it be the £8/mo), but then do I attach the alias to Plumb Lines or to the new one. My brain tells me the Plumb Lines first and then move it when the new ones ready. Yes that’s what you’d suggest also?

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            5. I don’t know, really. I set all mine up before I really understood the difference between my name, and the name of the blog.

              I think the domain should follow the name of the blog, for sure. But that’s just my view.

              And I think that “you” are easily identifiable as Misky.

              But should the nane of the blog be Misky or Plumblines? I don’t really know. I identify you with either.

              Also, if you’re asking whether Personal or Premium, looks like you get shopping cart facilities and more social media on Premium, probably neither of which are important as an individual. Plus you get twice as much disk space. But I’ve been on here 2½ years and only used 15% of my space, so I figure it’ll be 20 years before I run out. So I don’t anticipate me having anything other than a Personal subscription.

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            6. Done! Up and running with the upgrade package and using misky.uk here. Thanks for your guidance.

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            7. oh yes, and I see your blog!

              Hopefully quite easy for you to do. I remember setting up mrbump was easy for me, but there again I’m familiar with the technology.


            8. Easier than peasy. 😂

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  2. I would indeed. I was going to say that I’d be right behind you, but would that be a form of blog stalking? 😂

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    1. Pantomime more like! 😂 But I’m glad to read that. Now I must consider Bump’s comment.

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  3. It’s like that song 🎵 by Mental As Anything:
    If you leave me can I come too?
    If you go, can I come Too?

    LOL. Tried to extend too (adding ooo) but my smart phone changed it to Toowomba. Very Aussie and kind of cool.


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