Q2 & Q6: The Sheepish Side of Imaginary Dreams

B&W sheep


We’re on the old road
to the sea.
An afternoon drive
against sharp winter sun.

Dressed warm,
a woolly jumper,
thick socks, and old boots
with knotted laces.

County roads and potholes. It’s like driving on a dinosaur’s back. And the car’s developed a chirp. It’s a prick in my ear, the sort of sound your skin might make when it’s sunburnt.

Over there
deep in a dark thicket

Over there
a four-wheel-drive.
Off the road,
stopped on a tilt.

Once during a lesson, my driving instructor told me to take the next left turning. I did. Into a multi-storey carpark. He paid to get us out.

Over there
a flock sheep,
bleating their
tight anxiety.

There’s an eternal
innocence about sheep.

Inspired by Miz Quickly’s Day 2: Road Trip and Day 6: In a Mess, and The Café of Imaginary Dreams.  Photo by Mehdi Genest on Unsplash  ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter and WP #bloganuary 

7 responses to “Q2 & Q6: The Sheepish Side of Imaginary Dreams”

  1. I love, ‘bleating their tight anxiety’, and I hope the car park story is true. 😂

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    1. Thanks, and yes it’s completely true.

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      1. I knew you wouldn’t let me down! 😂

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  2. For many years I had to get lost somewhere before knowing then how to go the next time. Always kept a street map in the car. But still once I drove the wrong way down a one way street for about a block. Didn’t get sceen so no ticket…

    Dreams are tricky. Counting sheep should be an ease to dreamland 😉


  3. Especially love the two bits of prose. I love the sound like what sunburned skin might make. And the carpark story is hilarious. Your writing is so adventurous. I love the ideas you are putting together. The sheep are amazing.

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    1. Thank you. I have to credit some really good prompts though.

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