Day 7: A Book Called Hunting for Stars for GoDoGo Café

            … assuming that stars are black and white

It might be a Friday,
in a rainstorm,
winter probably,

and I’ll slip away
as you read me lines
of century old poetry or prose
about humanity’s steps with

answers why we
don’t have sinks full of time,

and I’ll find myself on a road,
agreeably alone,
on a journey to visit myself,

and that day
will not be like before.

I’ll look at the enlightened sky,
a bottomless witness to my
black moods and white days,

and I’ll wonder why I only saw
night and burning stars before.

And I’ll be on a road,
it might be a Friday,
in a rainstorm,
winter probably ….

and everything will be clear
as black and white.

For Miz Quickly’s Day 7 “Black and White” and Go Dog Go Café . “Hunting by Stars” The title of a book is included in the title or the body of your poem. ©Misky 2022. Shared with #GoDOGGoCafe  #GreatReadsPromptChallenge #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter.

18 responses to “Day 7: A Book Called Hunting for Stars for GoDoGo Café”

  1. A light bulb moment? Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees.
    So much grey. But then not all dark is disheartening.
    While I was away I was able to spot a familiar constellation and that made me smile.

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    1. Not a lightbulb moment. More like something that just popped into my head, like most of what I write. There is something special about the night sky when streetlights don’t interfere with the stars. One day I’d like to see the Milky Way in the sky.

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      1. I got to see the Milky Way when I was in New York State. Amazing.

        If you go to the link; Info and photo of Orion near the Milky way there is an image where if you see Orion you might be able to see the Milky Way if the sky is dark enough.


        1. That’s amazing, Jules. Thanks for the link. If we ever have a clear and dark view, I’ll certainly be watching for it.


  2. Oh, you left me buzzing with this one, Misky, even after my 3rd of 4th read. Awesome work.
    I’m a little out of gas these days; had to settle for a B&W haiku.

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    1. Thank you, Ron. I just rest your haiku, and liked it very much. A good haiku isn’t the easiest form to write (well). Take care of yourself, Ron.


  3. This should be an old black and white film. It’s lovely! 😊

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  4. Sometimes I think that very search is what keeps us going.

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    1. Yes, very possibly, Lisa.

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  5. Another spectacular wrote. I love the sinks full of time I love the repetition. And how the black and white creeps up on you subtly but perfectly at the end.

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    1. Thank you. ❤️ I started with something else about my mum, but it fell a bit short. I might try fiddling about with it tomorrow.

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  6. Reading your poetry makes me feel good. There is always that little bit of a head nod at some point and a kind of recognition of kindred souls. You make me want to do better – you inspire me.


    1. And you’ve just made me feel absolutely amazing and grateful to call you my friend.


      1. Thank you, Misky. I do call you friend and feel that connection. Hope the new year is being good to you and Peder

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        1. And the same to you two. Fingers crossed that we can be let off this leash soon.

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