Day 6: JusJoJan: Anticipation

snowy road and bare trees


this winter frost
is blameless,
the icy creek won’t thaw.
a nameless bird
anticipates snow,
and cold cuts
bone and claw.

Written for JusJoJan Day 6: Anticipation.  Photo by Richard Hodonicky on Unsplash. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #jusjojan on Twitter

9 responses to “Day 6: JusJoJan: Anticipation”

  1. Nameless-blameless… I like that ❣️
    And also- cold cuts.

    Very well done, Misky.


  2. Thus speaks a woman longing for Springtime! 😂

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  3. Makes me cold to read your poem. Well expressed.


  4. Beautiful piece.

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  5. Sharp and Beautiful just like ice

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    1. (shiver) I can’t seem to warm up today!

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      1. When that happens to me I just drink hot drink after hot drink. The kettle gets a proper work out.


        1. I warmed with a few cups of tea, and then we went for a drive (the car has seat-warmers!) and I finally felt warm and toasty. The fishmonger is always at the local farm shop on Fridays, so we bought some hot smoked salmon and fresh eggs for dinner.

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          1. Wow. Sounds like a lovely day!!


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