Q4: The Grimm Side of Imaginary Dreams


There’s rolling fog, poison ivy,
and there’s a woman in black
with a nose like a bat and wings
like rhubarb leaves, and there’s

these seven little men wearing
billy goat chins who juggle
seven red apples between them.
And my first grade teacher is

dressed up like a preacher,
although his wolf tail is poking
out his butt-hole seam, and
‘though I think I’m in this dream,

I’m nowhere to be seen … so
maybe it’s your dream I’m in.

Q Day 4: The Café waitress suggests that you try to imagine a child’s imaginary dream. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter.

11 responses to “Q4: The Grimm Side of Imaginary Dreams”

  1. I remember I was asked to review a retelling of a Grimm tale once. I thought the first thing I’d better do was to read the original.
    I was totally blown away – it was so good. I didn’t say anything but really, it was pointless trying to retell it.

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    1. Have you ever visited the Black Forest? That whole area is rich in what inspired their stories. You expect to see a witch behind every tree!

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      1. We’ve holidayed in the Black Forest – Luxembourg was one of my boltholes – but I had no idea of the Grimm connection. It was like stepping back 1,000 years, however.


        1. Absolutely spot on description. It really is.

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  2. It’s getting harder, daily, to tell who/what’s a dream and what/who isn’t, ain’t it?
    Nice work, MIsky. I thought you might like this:

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    1. That’s priceless. Gave me a good chuckle.


  3. Great stuff! Wings like rhubarb leaves. Grimm’s fairy tales can be very dark although kids love a bit of scary stuff sometimes.😂

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    1. One of my children loves scary stories but she’s scared stiff of a bee. 😂😂


      1. How strange.😂


  4. Original ‘fairy tales’ were meant to scare the you know what out of everyone.
    Though some were also extremely political. Grimm indeed.

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  5. This is fabulous!! I love the rhubarb wings. Perfect. But the whole thing just made me smile and look forward more and more to what was coming next. So cool!


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