1.1.22: A Stream of Consciousness

Edvard Munch's In The Man's Brain

A Stream of Consciousness: The Winds of Change

No, please, ladies first
Those were the days when the world held the door open for you, when a seat was proffered to a woman of a certain age, meaning that age when you shouldn’t ask because she might’ve forgotten (…like did I turn 70 this year or last year), and What? My son’s age? … ermm, and she has to do the numbers in her head, which has become as insufferable as sudoku. But ageing has benefits – she can wear white trousers any time of the month, or year, and not give a figgy what other people think, and she can sit on a bench, close her eyes, and listen in on other people’s conversations, and nobody disturbs her because they assume she’s dozed-off. And she can talk to herself, and everyone thinks she’s praying because nowadays it’s mostly children and old ladies who attend mass. So I resolve to open a door for a young man. He’ll know that good manners make a person feel like they’re a small god.

It’s clear that the wind
won’t let up. It’s the
sprouts, I suppose.

Written for Linda Hill’s #SoCS and #josjojan . Image In the Man’s Brain Edvard Munch – 1897. Woodcut. Public Domain ©Misky 2021 Shared with #socs #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

10 responses to “1.1.22: A Stream of Consciousness”

  1. It sounds fantastic to me—these perks of aging you’ve described.

    My favorite:
    “He’ll know that good manners make a person feel like they’re a small god.”

    It’s also nice to protect others from door-handle germs. I don’t mind getting them on me; I have a bangin’ immune system.

    That piece of artwork is really stunning. What a fantastic pairing.

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  2. Awesome. Love the end. Chuckle chuckle. Yes in some ways all the isms should combine and just say “be kind and fair. We’re all human.” But I am rabbiting on. Your piece says everything so eloquently.


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