1.1.22: A Stream of Consciousness

Edvard Munch's In The Man's Brain

A Stream of Consciousness: The Winds of Change

No, please, ladies first
Those were the days when the world held the door open for you, when a seat was proffered to a woman of a certain age, meaning that age when you shouldn’t ask because she might’ve forgotten (…like did I turn 70 this year or last year), and What? My son’s age? … ermm, and she has to do the numbers in her head, which has become as insufferable as sudoku. But ageing has benefits – she can wear white trousers any time of the month, or year, and not give a figgy what other people think, and she can sit on a bench, close her eyes, and listen in on other people’s conversations, and nobody disturbs her because they assume she’s dozed-off. And she can talk to herself, and everyone thinks she’s praying because nowadays it’s mostly children and old ladies who attend mass. So I resolve to open a door for a young man. He’ll know that good manners make a person feel like they’re a small god.

It’s clear that the wind
won’t let up. It’s the
sprouts, I suppose.

Written for Linda Hill’s #SoCS and #josjojan . Image In the Man’s Brain Edvard Munch – 1897. Woodcut. Public Domain ©Misky 2021 Shared with #socs #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

10 responses to “1.1.22: A Stream of Consciousness”

  1. Praying… A suicide bomber, perhaps? 😀

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  2. Age certainly has some advantages. Your ending made me chuckle. 😂

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    1. Excellent. One smile a day ✅😂

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      1. 😂 At least!


  3. It sounds fantastic to me—these perks of aging you’ve described.

    My favorite:
    “He’ll know that good manners make a person feel like they’re a small god.”

    It’s also nice to protect others from door-handle germs. I don’t mind getting them on me; I have a bangin’ immune system.

    That piece of artwork is really stunning. What a fantastic pairing.

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    1. That’s very much!


  4. Great post thank you and happy New Year 💜

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    1. Thanks, and happy new year to you, too.


  5. Awesome. Love the end. Chuckle chuckle. Yes in some ways all the isms should combine and just say “be kind and fair. We’re all human.” But I am rabbiting on. Your piece says everything so eloquently.


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