for Go-Dog-Go-Café: #TW

TRIGGER WARNING: #TW, This Post Relates to Suicide


I was too late.
You’d already made your way
out of this world,

beyond sins and into
a deep thicket. Darkness
your edges.

Did you ever find somewhere
to land – maybe a void beyond
here to there.

I remember you said,

The moon’s obviously
a boat – a rocking silhouette
on deep water, and

the next day, you sliced your
arms open. You, just like that

rocking on the water.
The door closed behind a fog.
The bathroom mirror blurred
with steam.

From time to time,
it all turns in my head like
geared machinery, but

I don’t think about the past,
much, it’s always there anyway.
Even without you.

Written to Go Dog Go Cafe prompt phrase  “my sins beyond” Photo by Tony Detroit on Unsplash  © Misky 2021 If needed, assistance is available to Good Samaritans UK

16 responses to “for Go-Dog-Go-Café: #TW”

    1. Good morning, David.


  1. There is something extremely perverse about a society which, on the one hand, condemns suicide, but which on the other thinks that it is perfectly proper for people to have lives which are so bleak, that they wish to end it all.


    1. My thought process keeps returning to “it’s complicated,” when it shouldn’t be. But it is.


      1. Yes. I get incredibly sad that people believe that suicide is their best option, but sometimes it is their best option. So, in that respect, I’m not anti-suicide. That’s where “complicated” comes into it for me.

        In fact in some ways, it is the ultimate form of power – to choose the time and nature of our own death.

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  2. This is beautiful Misky. Powerful, sad, beautifully written.


  3. Beautifully written and expressed, saying so much in few words. Yet so sad.

    I had a good friend who committed suicide. Two years after she died, I wrote about it (first post in the series here: Definitely hard to come to terms with

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    1. Thank you. I read yours, and left a comment there.

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  4. If a poem about suicide can be beautiful, then this is. The last couple of stanzas about dealing with the aftermath are especially powerful.

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    1. Thanks, Hobbo, and happy New Year to you and the Mrs.

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      1. Thank you, and to you and the Mister!


    1. Is that an SOS?


  5. This is so good. I love the double meaning in “even”—as if things aren’t so rocky and swaying (like that boat) without her.


    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate that.


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