Falling Back on Miz Quickly: The Table

THE TABLE (in three parts)

… that meal of polenta filled tamales, that New Years dinner in Colombia when I had flu, fever, and a gnashing headache. that meal I couldn’t face, couldn’t eat it. I was so embarrassed. apologetic. for three days, she prepared that meal. she looked so sad when I left the table to lie down. I’ve carried her expression with me through the quick tick of years. odd how a shallow scratch tears your skin open. I’ve carried it with me like a song. Like my own Auld Lang Syne.

the table is set red and green and sprigs of holly
from the garden – a spider walks across the table.

I’m not in the mood for pummelling nature and so
the spider swings itself off the table to the floor.

how many candles for the table. we agree –
three seems biblical. we can’t find the matches.

the smell
of sulphur
and smoke

as if the house is hiding fire.

the table is
chairs pushed

maybe the universe is burning.

knives and forks
and spoons

as if battle plans were laid.

Christmas carols
on the radio,
and he says,

I found the matches.

Image Twelfth Night by Jan Steen, Date: 1662, public domain ©Misky 2021 Shared with #apoemaday on Twitter. Poem inspired by a Miz Quickly prompt.

5 responses to “Falling Back on Miz Quickly: The Table”

  1. Amazing. You’re very good at these ones. I still haven’t really got my noggin around them.


    1. I just need a suitable image to work with.

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  2. Excellent. It could have been much worse. A friend of ours vomited over the dining table before she could leave the room! A vomiting bug that was completely uncontrollabe. You can imagine the dramatic effect that had on the evening!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes. The old Norovirus projectile vomit. My youngest did that all over his bedroom wall. Had to repaint the whole room. Decided washable paint was the way to go. 😂 He used to get carsick, too. We were constantly coming to a screeching halt.

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      1. Not very nice and washable paint and paper definitely the way forward with kids.😂

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