Two Elevenie Poems

man walking dog in the snow

Two Elevenie Poems

Windswept fields
Blindsiding the sky
Yesterday in a snowbank

Into depths
White scrubbed white
Alleys of bowing birch

eleven constraints

Poem form: Elevenie. Click thumbnail for constraints. © Misky 2021. Image is from Unsplash.

5 responses to “Two Elevenie Poems”

  1. Exploring new depths in the snow. I like it!

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    1. Thank you, Hobbo. Merry Christmas to you both. Is Mrs H feeling well?

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      1. Mrs H is feeling much better, thanks. I was given free reign in the kitchen for Christmas lunch. It went well. Just finished the washing up and sat down!

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        1. Peder’s day in the kitchen also. I just did the washing up. A really lovely day.

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          1. Very pleased that you enjoyed it. You ladies deserve a rest occasionally!

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