#SoCS A Stream of Consciousness: Chickens

23 December 2021:

Even if it’s naked, you can tell a chicken from a duck, even under all their feathers, they’re all and entirely chicken. All those relevant bones, recognisable remains, every scrap, always recognisable as a chicken, not a duck.

Poor deliveryman. Embarrassed by it all. Said there hasn’t been a duck in the shop since early December because there’s a shortage of turkeys. People dumbed-down to duck. All down to avian flu in November. Caused panic buying. No Christmas turkeys. No ducks. We’re having a Christmas chicken – that’s what the delivery guy brought us. A chicken.

My gran kept chickens. They wobbled around in a stupor mostly. As if they walked out of a dark place without wings, and without friends. She said there was a chicken hierarchy. Like which one makes the best broth. Whose feet will end up in gravy. Gran used to say the Lord’s Prayer 3 times – that made the perfect soft cooked egg, she said.

No Christmas ducks. No turkeys. Nevertheless … Christmas chickens …. Yum!

Image A Christmas Hedgehog is ca. 14th century, Musée de Cluny, Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. ©Misky 2021 Shared with #apoemaday on Twitter

21 responses to “#SoCS A Stream of Consciousness: Chickens”

    • Shortages of all sorts is a reoccurring theme this year. Lack of labour, meaning on-the-cheap for the most part, is no longer available (as the farmer said). Brits want better wages than what seasonal workers were paid.Then there’s a lack of lorry drivers as they’ve returned to the mainland where working conditions are better and contracts are long-term, and in both instances immigration visas aren’t required because there’s free-movement of people in the EU. This mess won’t be ironed out in my lifetime, but it will be eventually. Until then, people need to be flexible and learn to make-do with what’s available. Perhaps stop expecting strawberries in December, or asparagus in January. At the moment, it’s Omicron causing chaos; staff shortages due to illness and self-isolation, so grocery store shelves aren’t being restocked, etc etc etc.

      Which reminds me, I was wondering what you’re having for your Christmas meal? It’s summer there, so perhaps your meal is lighter? Or a barbecue?

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    • We often have duck at Christmas, but not this year. I’m doing a Chateaubriand for tonight. Christmas lunch is entirely Scandinavian, although dinner will be a lovely big chicken with all the fixings.


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