Your Secret Language

Your Secret Language

It’s winter male?
I don’t know but it tastes like

and snow
and the sharp bite of an apple.

It moves in,
and then pulls you closer,
roots around in your ruins

and teaches you its
secret language so you’re
unable to make sense

of yourself, or anyone else.
Is winter male?
Yes. Probably.


©Misky 2021

9 responses to “Your Secret Language”

  1. So interesting!! I especially love the line about how it roots around in your ruins.

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    1. Thank you. In truth, I have no clue what I was thinking when I wrote this. It sort of wrote itself, and told me to go do something else worthwhile. 😂

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  2. Yes indeed. Spring’s a girl, though. Trust me.

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    1. Yes, she is, through and through.


  3. In interesting conundrum, Misky because Nature, God bless her, is definitely female.


    1. How about in French? Winter is male in Danish, as is the sun, but nature is female, so what’s winter up to? 😂

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  4. Masculine in French…l’hiver! 😂

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  5. I like your take on the taste of winter. I wouldn’t have thought to describe it that way, but now that I read this, I can taste the pine and the apple.

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