Miz Quickly’s 17 December: Pretend

Just Pretending to Write

It’s cold enough to snow,
but there’s not a cloud in the sky.
It’s like trying to find your own
poetic voice – you can write
on almost anything, but you
can’t pretend you have a pen.

Written for For Miz Quickly’s “Pretend” prompt.  © Misky 2021, shared with #apoemaday on Twitter. Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash

10 responses to “Miz Quickly’s 17 December: Pretend”

  1. If they are all your notebooks, can we have a read please? I recently found a notebook app on my phone and I use it all the time now. If I’m out anywhere and I suddenly get an idea for a poem I jot down a couple of keywords for when I get home. Very useful when you have a memory like mine!


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