Miz Quickly’s 16 December: Two Titled Pieces

Anatomy of a Wave
      – On Crests of a Buoyant Hand

Take yourself to the water’s edge,
watch a wave bend and swell.
Hear the bubbles and fizz, subtle
and shining like mossy green.

That curl of an uncertain geometry
floating into a mindless fall,
into the shape of hard steel bliss,
into those cool silver-ish tones.

And then it tumbles, like vertigo,
between horizons of blue-eyed sky.


Anatomy of a Shipwreck
      – To Die on a Strange Beach

It might as well be a kite
tossed on a string,
this ship,
this silent body
            on a mortician’s slab.
Its rudder turned back on itself,
anchor torn by the curling hands
            of a wave.
A proud ship laid waste between
the sky and sea and a dull ache
as it scrapes the ocean floor.

16 Dec/21: Written for Miz Quickly’s “Some People Are Good At Titles” ©Misky 2021 Shared with #apoemaday on Twitter

12 responses to “Miz Quickly’s 16 December: Two Titled Pieces”

  1. If shipwrecks could tell stories they’d spawn gripping novels.

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    1. Except that you’ll always guess the ending.

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      1. Not always. Some of the passengers must survive occasionally and not always the ones who deserve to do so.


        1. Oh. Yes. Good point.

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  2. I recently watched a shipwreck movie – The Life of Pi – highly recommended 🙂

    (I like your shipwreck piece in particular, Misky!)


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    1. Thanks. Yes, I’ve seen it. It was good but I was a little confused by the ending.

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      1. do you mean whether it was true or not? The two versions of the story?

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        1. Did you read the book? In the book, it’s not truth that’s the question, but which version of Pi’s story you prefer. I was also confused initially by the symbolism on the animals; I took them at face value, where they actually represent people.


    2. THat was my favourite book the year it came out. I haven’t seen the movie. I’m not sure if I should or not. The book left me wishing it could be a true story.


      1. The film is fairly close to the book, but I think because I read the book I found the movie’s ending lacking the clarity that the book had (if that makes sense). The film is well worth seeing though, if not for the effects alone.

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  3. Misky, these are both wonderful. Such strong, structural imagery. But I especially like the first one… in fact I think it so captured my imagination that perhaps I was distracted reading the second one and need to go back and read it again. Those two last lines in the first one are beautiful.


    1. Thank you so much!

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