Miz Quickly’s 13 December: Light

And There Was Light

On a Limb

December’s grey,
an unchanging background
against spinning shapes
that cling to the wall –
reflections off CDs
tied to the neighbour’s cherry tree.

A magpie settles on a limb,
pecks at the disc,
this ghost of a winter leaf,
and waits for
something to happen.


In A Moment

I am sipping coffee that’s gone cold
whilst writing this,
whilst watching a flight of geese
wedged between clouds and sunlight.

Do they hear their own song
as pleasing, as a lute, or
wooden as a creaky floor.

And then a blade of light descends.
Comes as if from nowhere.
It cuts the clouds, and cuts through
my doubts and rabble thoughts.

© Misky 2021. Written for Miz Quickly’s 13 December Light prompt. Photo by John Towner on Unsplash

11 responses to “Miz Quickly’s 13 December: Light”

  1. Flashy work, M. CD on a limb & geese on the horizon. Brilliant x2.

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  2. Lovely writing. I used to try that CD trick to keep the birds off my strawberries. it never worked!

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    1. I’ve only found agricultural fleece of use with birds. But then the slugs crept under and all was lost anyway. 🤣

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      1. Slugs! Homeless snails!

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  3. I have a pint mug, which on the one hand is brilliant, but on the other… it goes cold, too!

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    1. This mug is insulated, which I thought meant thermal, but it’s not – it just keeps your fingers from getting hot. Maybe I need a mug with a lid. I’ll ask Santa to dish one out for me. 😂

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  4. This is my most favourite bit:
    whilst watching a flight of geese
    wedged between clouds and sunlight.

    but i like the whole thing. THe mood of it.

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    1. Thanks so much! 🥰

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  5. I love your images and your “rabble thoughts.” Sounds like a lovely few moments.

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