dVerse Prosery: 7 Dec 2021

Something About Red Tulips

Your hand. As I sleep. Or do I dream. Is it your dream, or mine, or am I the voyeur, watching someone else’s dream. In your stories I am undressed, and so I dress in their stories. Patterned and purple. As night wants to be me … and awake. For your hand. Again. As I sleep. On a long sweep of a marble-white thigh. And there is a roll of heat, and red tulips, and the lines wash away in a simmering seethe. Was it you who said, I love you. Or was that, too, a dream.

For dVerse Prosery: Include the line “I dress in their stories patterned and purple as night” from “When We Sing of Might” by Kimberly Blaeser. Prosery 144 words max. ©Misky 2021 Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash The Rape of Proserpina, Rome, Italy.

29 responses to “dVerse Prosery: 7 Dec 2021”

  1. I like the concept of a “Bodice ripper”. This erotic surrealism, is a dream landscape hitched to steamy stream of consciousness; very well done, with some interesting twists on the prompt quote.

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  2. Very erotic! Had me and Dauphy blushing. Now, usually I can’t remember dreams, but last night I dreamed that I was shopping with Prince William, helping him to choose a fireplace for his gran’s Christmas present! How sad is that! 😂

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  3. This is gorgeous, Misky, both in your ekphrasis of the image and the fragmented short sentences, which makes me think of the way one might recollect a dream, in pieces gently returning. Love the way it begins, continues and then finishes with that wooing last line: “Was it you who said, I love you. Or was that, too, a dream.” ❤

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