Miz Quickly’s Day 4: A Sonnet with Consonant Near-rhymes

Still Searching

Everyone’s trying to find their way home,
to what was. Wrongs. Rights. Some justice
for what’s buried, like a tune whose lyrics
sit on the tip of your tongue, or that hymn

God loves his children, be faithful to Jesus.
Grandma was faithful, praying daily, lest
Jesus in his loin cloth hanging on the wall
didn’t hear her anymore. My small jealous

heart wanted her faith, to not be lost
forever on this street corner I knew well.
Grandma lost her rosary once, lost God,
she said. It was her plague of locust.

And all the while, I am turning this wheel
and spinning my searchlights to find good.


Written for Miz Quickly’s Day 4: A Sonnet with Consonant Near-rhymes constrained by: ABCa bcdb cdec de, © Misky 2021 –  Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

10 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Day 4: A Sonnet with Consonant Near-rhymes”

  1. A better poet than I – I don’t do sonnets anymore, meter is not my friend.
    But the message is honorable. There are different ways to pray or be enlightened.
    I prefer to believe good will prevail. I wasn’t always a half full glass person… but I think I’m better for it these days.

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  2. This is amazing, Misky. I stared down the barrel of this prompt last night and arranged letters on a page. But my eyes were so droopy I went to bed more than an hour early. I will try again. Your lead is so inspiring. All those instructions and it feels as natural as speaking. And poetic as ever.

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