dVerse Fragments

Five Tercet Fragment Poems

Writing letters with
Words slipping in between
Rusty spells gone off

Cold, and she’s frightened
Of moonlight. It’s ice
Like bleached bone and whispers

It’s a long journey through winter
It’s alive
And standing.          There

Everyone is somewhere
You reappear like a sorrow
That keeps on calling

We were wolves
When it wasn’t too cold.
All we hear is wind.      Howling


  Written for dVerse Poets “Fragment Poems” image is from Unsplash. © Misky 2021

25 responses to “dVerse Fragments”

  1. There is a density of meaning in what at first looks like fluff. The cold seeps through each one. I like the creative spacing you used in some of them.


  2. “Ooff” was my first reaction, meaning that spellbinding moment. A real thrill reading the fragments concept practiced like this. And ALL of it worked: I mean the typography, the spaces, the stark white background, photo; it all worked to heighten the doses received. Stark is the word, with each word you placed seemingly polished by the same wind that bleached the bone, almost not just metaphorically. loved. All. The last stanza…..aïe aïe aïe as we say in French when stunned…


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