Two In An Inkblot

Two In An Inkblot

These two
to play one
off the other
One or
the other is
always in favour
They want
to love
but they’re
filled with want


Written for kHartless Ink Blot, image from Rorschach’s Inkblots on Getty Images. ps: Should be 50-words. It’s not.

10 responses to “Two In An Inkblot”

  1. Who set a word limit? What a blot. To love. To want to want for love to want to love


    1. I thought I read the 50-word target on K’s post. Maybe not. To be honest, I don’t enjoy writing to inkblots; I always feel exposed.

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      1. You were right about the word limit. I’m a goose. I just wrote what i thought the shape looked like. Goodness knows what that says about me.


        1. I did the same. (shrug) My head didn’t have another 25 words in it for the image. It is what it is, I reckon!

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  2. I see screamers. But that’s just me. And me. We never get along. One of us is nuts
    Both of us is in love with your poetry, though.

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    1. 😂🤣😂 I’m okay with that, with you both.


  3. They look like a psychedelic yin and yang!


    1. Looked like two people shouting at each other to me.

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  4. This is a clear warning against becoming romantically involved with someone similar minded, and also ever applying word counts, as this is gorgeous in it’s pain. Thank you for penning and sharing it.

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