dVerse Poets Quadrille #141

dVerse Poets Quadrille

A Blast of Cold

Along the beach
blows a cold wind,
quick as a ghost
it travels the Channel,
and prowls the coast.
And it snows.

It’s nothing, if not
hungry for white.
A crowning drape
that we know will go.
Our sentinel snowman
melting on the shore.

Written for dVerse Poets, Quadrille #141 “Crown”. 44 words sans title. Image is Brighton beach near the ruins of the West Pier. © Misky 2021, shared with #apoemaday on Twitter.

11 responses to “dVerse Poets Quadrille #141”

  1. Brrr…. Brilliant

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  2. Lovely. He looks ‘armless!

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    1. He’s also brainless, standing out there in the freezing cold without so much as a hat.

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      1. 😂 He must have some snowballs!

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  3. Here in Missouri, I may miss the Northeast, but not its snow!

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  4. OH! Snow as a “crowning drape” is just gorgeous!

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  5. I love the picture and wish we had just a bit of snow during our winters! I love your poem!

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  6. Love this! Expressed beautifully.


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