Day 28: NaPoWriMo 2021

I Know Why the Sky Is Blue . . .

but why do I worry about
things beyond my control.

Things that have me by the neck,
and won’t let you go. Like . . .

I wake up, surprised I’m not
dressed as a pauper.

Or I’m so poor that I burn my
clothes for heat.

Or one day I’ll wake up and
be a blurry image of myself.

Someone once said to me,
“There are worse things than dying.”

        . . . but I don’t know what.

I believe in God, but can I also believe
in reincarnation?

There are moments that slap you –

like your first grade teacher
also has to brush her teeth,

or when she asks you a question,
she already knows the answer.

I hope I don’t come back
            as a dung beetle.


Salt-Bleached Noise

When my head
is full of traffic
and sirens,
I take my thoughts
to the sea
with its soft
quieting sounds,
and I sit myself on
a salt-bleached bench
and watch gulls
stirring silence
into the air.


Written for (I.) Miz Quickly’s Day 28 “Unanswerable Questions” and (II.) Poetic Asides “Slow Down” prompt, and shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   © Misky 2021

7 responses to “Day 28: NaPoWriMo 2021”

  1. I really love that last image – gulls stirring silence. How wonderful. Re the comment about death… In one of the early Harry Potter movies (it’s a long time since I read HP) Dumbledore tells Harry that death is just the next big adventure. I pondered that for a long time and it turns out my daughter did too. People think of the darndest things


    1. I remember when my granddaughter grasped the concept of death and separation, and she asked me (seeing that I was “really old”) if I was going to die. Without hesitation, I said, Yes. But not soon. “Soon” is a funny word, isn’t it, meaning something different to everyone.

      I really glad that you liked this one. I don’t usually cut things so close to my own bone – much prefer conjuring my imagination.

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  2. I’m having some trouble getting started this morning, Misky, but I’m hoping you’ll let me share that beachy bench & sip my coffee awhile, maybe come up with something a little later..
    Hope it’s Sunnyday there, too!

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    1. There’s always a spot for you on my bench. 😀


  3. Your homage to la mer is wonderful.


  4. “there are moments that slap you.”

    I love your descriptions!

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