Day 21: NaPoWriMo 2021

Day 21: Miz Quickly’s Emotion and PA’s Ekphrasis Poem

The Postman’s Daughter

There was a time of innocence.
A child’s care with tinsel and 
looping bobbles on branch ends, 

but sky always overclouded, 
darkened with flaws of grey.
A postman’s daughter knows —  

Christmas is not a happy time.

A postman’s feet are worlds of pain.
A delivery of misery and madness.
He is the limping lame, but  

    we sang Peace on Earth.
    Angels up on high.

Things were said, a serpent’s sting. 
Costly toys and roaring words, but 
this was a time of innocence. 

    Shops and Christmas markets
     drowned in joy and spice. 

Little wonder that a Christmas ad 
will quickly bring on the tears.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Day 21 ‘Emotion’ and PA’s write an Ekphrastic poem Image: Getty Images (fair use) © Misky 2021.

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