Day 16: NaPoWriMo 2021

Miz Quickly’s Cento Poem

Famine Crouches in the Bedsheets

Time to eat fat,
to fight against
walls and blankets.
fixed in a tapestry and
bleaching in the sunset.
Famine crouches in

the horizons you ride,
the space you pass through.
Heroic trails
of beer bottles
and dead birds
on the roadside.

Winter is that cat,
the colour of pewter mornings.
Make it be spring,
a porcelain grin,
berries yellow as Houdini eyes.

Make it be spring, so the air
in front of you blossoms
in conversation with forests
thickened with legend.

But it is winter.
Time to eat fat.
Famine crouches in the bedsheets.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Day 16: Write A Cento Poem and PA: Write a Form Poem. This is a cento poem based on phrases from poetry by Margaret Atwood, found in “February” from Morning in the Burned House,  “The Bull Song”, “The Animals in That Country” from Selected Poems 1965-1975, “Backdrop Addresses Cowboy” from Selected Poems 1965-1975, and “Crow Song” from Selected Poems 1965-1975. Image is from WikiArt, Painting, Smoking, Eating by Philip Guston, 1972, Fair Use.  © Misky 2021, shared with #apoemaday on Twitter.

12 responses to “Day 16: NaPoWriMo 2021”

  1. I think you skipped ahead. This is gorgeous.

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    1. Did I? But this is just the cento bit. I’ve yet to deconstruct.


      1. It reads as if complete.

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        1. Thanks, b. That’s nice. 🥰 I might throw it under Joseph Harker’s Refinery method for kicks.


      2. I like it very much. Now I wonder if I misunderstood the prompt. Oh, well… I wrote a cento, I may leave it at that!


  2. Time to eat fat, to fight against walls and blankets, that had me hooked immediately.

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  3. This is magic. I agree that it reads as if complete.


  4. I am confused. Isn’t that how a cento should read? Not noticing the borrowed lines, but reading like it’s one smoothly flowing poem? I think I am misunderstanding, and maybe part 2 of the prompt. will help me tomorrow.


  5. “Time to eat fat.
    Famine crouches in the bedsheets.” Fabulous lines and put together expertly.

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  6. “Famine crouches in the bedsheets” – this is so visual. Love it!


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