Day 12: NaPoWriMo 2021


One More Jab 

Spell your name - 
     and so I did. 

Date of birth - 
     which I confirmed. 

Side effects, she says  
sore arm 
slight shingles rash  
     at which point I'm thinking  
     itchy scratchy oh no don't. 

Which arm, she asks. 
     Left, I say.  
     I sleep on my right. 

She says sleep is important. 
     God, don't I know it,  
     I'm thinking to myself.  

She helps me on with my coat, 
my arm's already feeling an ache.  
     It's tipping down outside.  

I wouldn't know, she says, 
her tone's flat as the beige 
painted walls.

I notice the window blinds.  
Closed clamshell tight. 
No view. 
No light.  

Be careful out there, she says. 
   You, too, I say, and thanks. 
A Splintered Blind

bright morning splinters 
a retreat into half dreaming,  
light ricocheting 


We Danced

a beachfront hotel 
out of season 
double bed with Irish linen 
and a bible in the drawer

I wrap myself in last night's 
red raw silk 
and brush the sand 
off my shoes. 

Written for I. & II. Miz Quickly’s Day 12: An Observation and III. PA’s Raw. Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash. Shared with #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

18 responses to “Day 12: NaPoWriMo 2021”

  1. Nice work, Misky. Loved them all.
    #1: A perfect mix of detail and overall, internal and external, A great capture of a very real event. (Typo in last line?)
    #2: Haikulicious!
    #3: Off-season beachfront is always the best, esp in the morning when you can sit on your balcony & not have to share the beachy sunrise with a bunch of other squalling touristas!
    Have a great day.

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    1. Thanks, Ron. Yes, I’ve caught several boo-boos this morning in my writing. Caught that one after it published so everyone’s going to see it. “And that’s the way it is!”

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  2. Yay, fully jabbaged. (I stole the word from Worms!)

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    1. Great word! 3 Covids; 1 flu; 1 shingles. Jabberooni!

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      1. 🤣 Don’t get cocky, Jabberwocky!

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        1. I’m incapable of that jabbercocky stuff; I’m a girl. How strange. My spellchecker thinks that word is misspelt.

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          1. 😂 Mrs H thinks I need a smell checker!

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  3. 1.Two covid shots, one for flu… How much can a body take?
    2. I pass by windiows and see crooked or broken blinds so just an eye can peer out – why not open the blinds?
    3. Off season is much quieter…


      1. We’ve yet to find out, but I think we’re pushing the envelope.
      2. a) I have an eye condition that makes bright light a blinding pain, and 2) so people walking by can’t see a patient sitting on the examining table.
      3. You’d think so, wouldn’t you, but we’re weather obsessed here. Get a bit of wind, and everyone runs for the coast to see the waves.

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      1. As we age our list of ills and pills grows.
        While only one perscription, I’ve got a bunch more vitamins to take these days.

        Be well and enjoy the coast when you can.

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    1. That’s a gorgeous poem. I had few that Joseph published in Curio also. I miss Joseph. Such an amazingly talented poet.


  4. Loved the disconnect, the juxtaposition in (of?) the various poems.

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      1. Seeming disconnect, I should say!

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  5. Lovely, Misky. Took me into that lovely world that only poetry can. Images dancing in my mind – duets of Hamlet and Pinocchio but still beautiful and graceful. Gosh. Should I delete this and write a poem? ANyway, thank you for where you took me.

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    1. I’m glad to know that you enjoyed reading it, W.

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