Day 8: NaPoWriMo 2021

The Last Rose of Summer

It’s the last rose of summer.
A rosewave.
Its petals free-
falling across the table.
Final days
are always so fragile .
If I’d not cut it from its limb,
and lovingly possessed it,
would it have lasted longer?
A day perhaps, or two.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Day 8 Alliteration Consonance Assonance, and PA’s Day 7 “health” and Day 8 Blank of the Blank Title. ©Misky 2021 Shared with #apoemaday on Twitter. Image from Unsplash.

5 responses to “Day 8: NaPoWriMo 2021”

  1. In this weather, I suspect it would have withered quicker outside.

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    1. Froze here overnight!

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  2. Grab what you can while you can still grabbit, I say. Nothing blooms forever anyway, so…

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  3. THere’s worse things than rose confetti on your table. 🙂

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