Day 7: NaPoWriMo 2021

The Anatomy of Scent

Eau de Evening in Paris.
That was the perfume
my mother’d wear.
Her best dress perfume.

I can’t recall its scent
but it’s lingering in me
with nursery rhymes
and bedtime stories.

Can a scent turn and turn
back childhood’s pages?

Written for Miz Quickly’s Day 7 “scents” and PA’s “health” ©Misky 2021 Shared with #apoemaday on Twitter

8 responses to “Day 7: NaPoWriMo 2021”

  1. I have never heard of the scent that sent you. Mrs H used to wear one called Charlie back in the day. She wears things a bit more sophisticated (I think that word means pricey) these days.😂

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    1. None of them are cheap, that’s for sure. I wonder when a litre of petrol will be the same price as a bottle of Jo Malone. 😂🤣

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      1. 🤣🤣 Eau d’essence!

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  2. Oh, yeah; same scent preferred by my mother. Couldn’t recall the name, but recognized the bottle. Thanks, Misky, for the memory jog. Write on.

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  3. My mom was Chanel # 5 so you can imagine how much she loved the pretty blue bottle of Evening in Paris I got for her for Christmas at the 5 and 10

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    1. My little sister, then a toddler, took a liking to the scent, and drink the whole bottle. Turned her pee purple. You can still buy a Evening in Paris in France. 100ml costs a couple hundred dollars. 😳

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      1. Your poor little sister. I can’t imagine how bad that would taste.
        What? WOW. I bought it cause it was cheap and pretty. Who knew.


  4. Lovely. I especially love the question at the end. And my answer to it is a resounding “Yes!”


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