Miz Quickly’s Anomalies

It’s Pouring Down From Everywhere

It’s pouring down from everywhere,
pouring into the stream, and it’s rising
high as the track that cuts the field, and

I read a while ago that magnetic poles
might shift. Move like. North to South.
Used to worry me sick-ish, even though
I didn’t know what it really meant.

But today I saw rain pouring upward,
bouncing like ballbearings off the road.
Rain from up there. Rain from down there.

It’s pouring down from everywhere,
and I don’t know what it really means.

For Miz Quickly Day 30: QNv  X-2 Anomalies  Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash. Shared with #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

10 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Anomalies”

  1. There is a real sense of frustration in this and I love the idea of rain pouring upward.🙂

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    1. I love science, but sometimes I don’t understand “the science” … as if there’s such a thing as “the science”. First we were told to buy diesel vehicles. Then it was diesel is evil. Now it’s get a heat pump; it’s only £20,000. Swap a perfectly good car for an electric one, so the previous one can be compressed and put on an ocean-going ship to India for scrap and then put on another ship to be made into a petrol vehicle sold in a country bubbling in crude oil. Recycling – it’s shipped off to the Far East to be processed. And I read yesterday that the best long-term thing any of us can do for the planet is to have fewer children. I raised someone else’s children, so I guess I’ve done my long-term bit. Yes, I am frustrated, Hobbo, because everything’s about the problem, but nobody knows the answer. Including Greta.

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      1. Thanks for this comprehensive response Misky. I agree that there are no easy solutions. We are looking for a new build bungalow at the moment and were dismayed that they are still building them with gas central heating knowing they will soon be obsolete. And diesel, don’t get me started. I remember it being half the price of petrol to encourage us to buy diesel cars. I’m as confused as you! 😂

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        1. I’m glad I’m in good company.

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      2. I am no scientist but I don’t think any reasonable person would tell you to get your perfectly usable car wrecked. Keep it until it dies. Or sell it to somebody who can’t afford an electric car. And the idea about having no children is poor advice. I mean, I understand the reasoning but we might as well just say we’re phasing out humanity if we make that the rule. And diesel is better than petrol because it’s more efficient. But it’s not pollution free where electric cars are. Electric cars have questions that need to be answered too but I believe batteries can be recycled (contrary to what some people are saying) and that when a particular patent runs out in March 2022, batteries for electric cars will mostly use lithium iron phosphate (they are very expensive at the moment) which will mean the cobalt question will be solved. I don’t think there’s any ONE answer and science evolves as we learn more and as technology improves. That’s why the story seems to change. What we need (in Australia at least) is positive direction from the top. And a pointer towards reliable information. Mainstream media is not as free as we think, billionaires with shares in fossil fuels control a lot of messaging, and social media is just a splatter gun of random people’s opinions.

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        1. That’s the insinuation by some very dogmatic eco-warrior groups, that we’re adding to the problem if you don’t change your lifestyle dramatically because “we are all going to die because we’re killing the planet”. It never stops; the newspapers, the radio, telly. I told Peder last night, I don’t want to watch the 6 o-clock news until this whole Glasgow thing is over.

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          1. I agree. I can’t bear to watch the news.

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  2. PS I love your poem.. The images are fabulous. It reminds me a little of Forrest Gump. You’ve seen it? When he goes to fight in Vietnam, the tropical rain seems to come from all directions.


    1. The last time I saw rain like we had the other day was in Malaysia. But at least it was warm there!

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