Miz Quickly’s Day 26: Fix It


Off the corner of the house,
from the gutter, raindrops fall.

Spilling over, dripping
like clapping clockwork.

Water carves rubble to dust,
don’t you know. Persistence.


Hypnotic. Meditate on it.
Be tortured by it. 

It drips into ditchwater.
Into a howling gorge.


No cure for thirst, though it
could scrub the moon clean.

Raindrops. Like white light.
Salt in a wound. A widow’s tear.

A river thinks immortality but
a dripping gutter knows better.

written for Miz Quickly’s Day 26: Fix It. Shared with #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

5 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Day 26: Fix It”

  1. oh, god, you just reminded me I need a plumber!

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  2. I suppose an actual drip might drive me crazy, Misky, but reading about a drip – the way you write it here – is bliss. Awesome. Thanks.

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  3. Could drive one nuts! The last stanza!

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  4. I like that last line! When we got our roof redone. we changed out the skylight in the loo… It doesn’t quite pound the same. The rain is quieter. And with the gutters taken care of the year before with those ‘coverings’… we’ve less drips.

    But before that… when the gutters did drip in one spot, at the corner of the foundation… erosion took parts, that needed some mending. It wasn’t like the house was going to fall down. But the repair needed to be done.


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