A Few Days in The New Forest

22 October: I’m back from a few days of splashing around the New Forest (gosh, what a soggy storm that was the other night!), inhaling the fresh air, relishing no crowds, and a bit of exercise. I do love these ponies, who couldn’t care what we humans, hurried and rushing about, are up to or thinking. Walked along the Itchin Navigation in Winchester, and finished the day with a pub lunch with old friends at The Wykeham Arms. Living is good. Note: each image is clickable for the full-size version. They’re large, so loading might be slow.

11 responses to “A Few Days in The New Forest”

  1. Living is good – you heard it first on Plumb-Lines. How right you are, and those photos are stunning.

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    1. Thanks, Hobbo. Had my booster jab today, so I’m down right jolly today. 🥳

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      1. 👍 Me too, I feel like a proper little pincushion.

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  2. Beautiful. We went to The New Forest in 2009. Had a lovely walk and saw a few ponies. The traffic on the way down there was awful so to get out of the jam (lol that feels like a pun), we stopped in Winchester for scones with clotted cream (oops more jam!). In Australia we call scones with jam and cream “Devonshire Tea”. Funny, isn’t it?

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    1. Haven’t heard the term “Devonshire” for ages; might be an archaic word nowadays. Was the clotted cream on the bottom and jam on top?

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      1. Where? In Winchester? I don’t recall. In Australia the jam and cream is served in little pots and you put it on the scones yourself. Jam first. 🙂


        1. Jam first is the Cornwall way. Clotted cream first is the Devon method. Fun, eh?

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  3. I had a pony chase me once. I was out on my bike. I never quite liked them as much since then. They’re big buggers up close and can hit, 25 mph in a sprint.

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    1. They are indeed big. Not at all like the Blackpool ponies. They’re like proper hands-high horses. That must’ve been darned frightening!

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      1. It was, I have no idea what spooked it but fortunately it gave up after a hundred yards.

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