Miz Quickly’s Day 16: Eavesdropping

Sometimes You Can’t Hear a Damned Thing

I’m focused on my phone. Taking notes,
listening around the corner to conversations.

It’s a writing prompt; I’m not George Smiley.

If only that were the truth, a woman says.
And the conversation is overwhelmed by
the espresso machine and steamed milk.

I glance over to the coffee-making-girl
twirling knobs, sliding cups left centre right.

Medium Americo black, says a woman
who’s wearing a red hoodie and jeans.

I’ve been looking for a hoodie that shade
of red for years, but not one that reads
Lifeguard across the front like hers.

A woman sitting to my left grabs three packets
of sugar and pours them in her hot chocolate.

I roll my eyes and tap more notes on my phone.

A man dressed head to foot in a colour that
I don’t think has a name, balances a food tray
in one hand and a walking stick in the other.
He sits at a table opposite, facing me.

I look up from my notes. He’s smiling broadly.

I take note. Return his smile. And then nod.
He probably thinks I’m mental.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Day 16: Eavesdropping. Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

14 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Day 16: Eavesdropping”

  1. Beautifully written. I so relate to this, because when you have hearing aids, the mics are behind your ears so you tend to pick up conversations behind and to the side of you better than what you are really trying to focus on! 🤣

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    1. Can you explain what a “loop” is? I see this sign at tills with an ear icon.

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      1. I don’t know how hearing loops are meant to work. All I know is that if I go in an area with a hearing loop, it sends my aids batty and I have to turn them off! 🤣

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        1. Interesting. I asked the girl at Tesco one time, and she didn’t know either. 😂

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          1. it is meant to be a system which works with hearing aids, but seems to work against mine! 😂


            1. Like an amplifier?

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            2. 🤣🤣That would probably work better!

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  2. Photographic. Time stands still just long enough to let you catch it (which you do so very well here) & then it’s gone around the corner, waiting to be caught again. Write on, Misky.

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  3. Perfect “in the moment’ I was there with you.


    1. Wouldn’t that be brilliant!


  4. Made me miss cafes. It’s only been 3 months. I googled about hearing loops. https://www.hearinglink.org/living/loops-equipment/hearing-loops/what-is-a-hearing-loop/

    I don’t know if that’s helpful. My deaf friend was very cranky with the Sydney Opera House because their hearing loop didn’t help her at all and when she complained they offered to give her another ticket to the same performance without offering to improve the hearing options. So I guess hearing loops are of varying usefulness.


    1. Aaaha! Now I get it. Thanks, Wormsie. 🥰😂

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  5. Never know who you might turn a deaf ear to in a coffee palace.


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