The Poeming: A Found Poetry Project

Post updated on 8 October/21.

6 responses to “The Poeming: A Found Poetry Project”

  1. An excellent, eclectic collection.🙂

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    1. Thank you! 23 to go! 🤣

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  2. What a wonderful project. How did you find out about it?


    1. Initially from Margo Roby. The Found Poetry Review, run by Jenni Baker, had an annual found poetry challenge that I joined a few years ago. 2014, I think. Jenni passed away last year from glioblastoma, and the previous participants decided to keep it running but only in October. It’s a private group on Facebook, The Poeming. You’re assigned a book, and that’s your source for the challenge. If you search The Poeming on Facebook you can ask to join the group, maybe drop a note about to admin to be included.

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      1. Thanks Marilyn. Something to think about.

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