More Thoughts on Miz Quickly’s Day 6

Here are a few more thoughts on Miz Quickly’s Day 6 “All The Best Places” 

The best place to eat an apple:
is on a sun-bleached, weathered wooden bench that threatens to slip a sliver into your thigh, but you knew this might happen, so you’re wearing your favourite worn-out jeans, a red cotton t-shirt, and you’re wishing you’d brought a hoodie because there’s a wicked bite in the October air.

The best place to take a drive:
is anywhere. Just anywhere. Take me anywhere with the soft-top down, the wind blowing through my hair (that I’ve decided to grow longer as winter approaches because the cold makes my ears ache), just take me out of this house, away from restrictions, out of this plague and doom into the freedom of sunshine and fresh air.

The best place to watch the sun rise:
is from somewhere in my youth, when sleep never seemed a necessity before midnight, and I woke fresh and without a trace of sleep creasing my face. And I could run in stilettos. But I do remember one particular sunrise; enough said about that though.

The best place for a first kiss:
is not at break-time between 3rd and 4th period in a stranger’s garage, like I did. 4th period was the school’s first attempt at Sex Education. I believe his name was Ed, but I can’t be certain of that, though I am certain that he and I never did that again. My second kiss still makes me smile. On a chairlift. Snowing heavily. It was cold. He was warm. He wish he’d been the first.

Photo of Fort William, UK by Nitin Mathew on Unsplash. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

5 responses to “More Thoughts on Miz Quickly’s Day 6”

  1. I loved the kiss piece. Made me laugh! 😂


  2. The best place to read some cool poetry and all kinds of other marvelous stuff:
    You’re there, right now.

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  3. These are all truly wonderful.


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