5 October: dVerse Quadrille #137

On The Beach (draft version)

On the beach, a poppy-red stone,
it looks angry as a military planet.
It’s strewn amongst some revellers’
litter, wine bottles and tipsy air.
The waves siege against the shore,
the sea gurgles its drying fury, and
air orbits around our fragrant dust.

(all for the sake of a party)

for dVerse Quadrille #137 “stones”. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021 [note: the last line exceeds the constraint of 44 words; sorry, but it is what it is]

11 responses to “5 October: dVerse Quadrille #137”

  1. Aaaw thanks. I just couldn’t get this to hang together right without that last line. My mum used collect Poppy Jaspers, a stone that looks a lot like that but more toward a calico print. I think they’re quite rare now.


  2. OH! That “tipsy air.” Fantastic! It works (as an official Quadrille) without the last line. And even more beautifully (as a gorgeous, thoughtful poem) with it. 😉


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