For Miz Quickly’s Day 3: Abstraction

Composition Number 1

This is running. Flying rain in your
face, and an unfamiliar bird singing
to falling leaves, and the rain feels
the arch of your neck. A drink all
along your spine. But this isn’t me.

Composition Number 2

This is a thumb with a nail smooth
as a rumour. It knocks on doors,
that occasionally aren’t answered.
It bleeds. It is long suffering with
arthritic grief. But it isn’t mine.

For the Stunningly Sadistic Miz Quickly who on Day 3 is laughing. Photo by Salah Ait Mokhtar on Unsplash. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

11 responses to “For Miz Quickly’s Day 3: Abstraction”

  1. OMG, Misky! This (these) is (are) fanTAStic!!!
    I’m still recovering from “smooth as a rumour”. This Quickly lady’s having a BLAST, eh?

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    1. Miz Quickly’s the best. She’s not often around, but when she is, she sets your head alight!

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  2. Like Ron, I think these are amazing. I especially love the first one… all of it… every word. But I also love “smooth as a rumour”. Just spot on!!

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    1. I don’t know where that phrase came from. Sometimes things just pop out of my head like a sneeze. 😂

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      1. Ha ha ha. I once wrote a poem comparing poems to sneezing. It’s good if you catch them in a tissue or handkerchief! Woe betide they just blow off in the wind!

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        1. Mind usually drip and splatter, like a Jackson Pollock sneeze.

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  3. Simply brilliant.


    1. Thanks so much! And good morning.

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      1. 👍 And a very good morning to you.


  4. Just reminds me to not get old… or at least keep believing that I’m young (at heart anyway).


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