You’ll Always Heal

You’ll Always Heal

It was shortly after I broke my bedroom window with a cricket ball, which by the way wasn’t my fault, my little sister threw like a girl and I swung a bat like a boy, and it wasn’t my fault that she didn’t catch the ball when I threw it back a tiny bit too hard when that ball nearly hit me in the head. I mean it wasn’t my fault that she threw like a girl and couldn’t catch. Mum took our ball and bat away, and told us to find a more girlie game to play, which is what you were expected to do in the 1950s, so we said Yes, Mum, and then rode our bikes to the forest about 5 miles away, and caught minnows with our bare hands. Bagged them up for the neighbour’s cat to eat. We loitered around the creek, splashed about, and ate blackberries and stained our fingers with their ripeness. In no rush to do anything, until the sun started to set. And then we slowly headed back home. Those were the days, when Khrushchev banged his shoes on the table, the telly was never turned on until dinner dishes were washed-up and put away, and we kids played outside in all weather, pushed our limits, fell out of trees and broke bits of ourselves – but we always healed, and that’s what we learned. Get up, and have a go. You’ll always heal.

Blue dragonflies float
On the breath of Sussex sheep
I wrote a letter home

Image is from Unsplash – Boston Public Library, 1950. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

8 responses to “You’ll Always Heal”

  1. your violent side coming out!

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    1. I was a challenging child. Happily, I grew out of it.

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  2. I love the surprises in your work. Krushchev just thrown in like a table-bang. And I love the Haiku – the dragon flies, the sheep and the letter all floating in together in lovely surprising somersaults. My sister in law found me a t-shirt with this gem on it:
    Haikus are great fun
    but quite hard to understand


    1. I love that! Hippopotamus! Too funny.

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  3. Haibunilicious, Misky.
    We were told, after our brief inside visit for a lunch sandwich, not to come back inside until the streetlights came on.

    Thanks for a delicious share and the Krushchev reminder.

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    1. Absolutely true. Be home before dark, Mum said. And god help you if she came looking you!


  4. Really? Most people grow into it!

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    1. I got it out of my system early on. 😁

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