For Miz Quickly’s Day Two: All About Heat

Miz Quickly’s Day Two: All About Heat

I Remember Rain That Felt Like Silk

I’ll be an old nag, obdurate, and
still sucking on a Werther’s Original
by the time temperatures soar like
what Attenborough’s always saying,

and I reckon the wind will blow
eight-beats to a measure with your
hair-blowing cyclonic in your face,
with brown-burnt grass torched

off the ground. That sort of heat is
muscle-loosening, and you’ll be
always tilting forward, ’cause that’s
what you do just before you faint.

But I doubt I’ll see it. I’ll be an old
nag, still sucking on a Werther’s.

©Misky 2021

Bits of Bread (for Stream of Consciousness Saturday)

The oven’s hot, rippling heat through
the grills and grates. Takes half of
Sunday to get it up to smoking speed,
and a bit of last week’s pork roast fat’s

rising through my nose like intoxicating
incense. This afternoon, baked a loaf
of pumpernickel rye, and a sourdough,
that takes nearly 2 hours, and then

I used up the oven’s residual heat
for a Yorkshire pudding that took off
rising like an echo. If I had the dialect,
this pudding would feel right at home.

For Miz Quickly’s Day Two Image prompt, and the second piece is for #SOCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

31 responses to “For Miz Quickly’s Day Two: All About Heat”

  1. Oh, Misky, what can I say?
    I skipped the SoCS today as I’m kinda punked out after doin the Miz Quickly thing (I always struggle, trying to remember how to do audio — not that I do it often, or well, but it wore me out anyway.)
    Enough about me.
    BOTH of your works totally blew me away. I hadn’t heard of Werther’s Originals in ages, so thanks! That piece is friggin HOT!!! (Side note: I went to grade school w/ the (great-?)grand-daughter of the founder of Werther’s Originals.)

    And that SoCS piece is equally awesome. I drooled, reading it. Can you send me leftovers?
    Have a great weekend, Sister.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Ron! So glad that you liked them both. I’m afraid there’s nothing left of Yorkshire pud. We ate it with a few Cumberland sausages and black pepper gravy. The rye and sourdough are still cooling – no cutting them until they’re completely cool. I’m off to read yours now!!


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