for dVerse Poets: Haibun Monday

It’s Just Words

Someone once said that I was a prolific. As a writer. At the time, I thought it a compliment. Years later, I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Being prolific. It’s like standing in a bucket of your own sweat. Being overcome by noise. Your own noise. So you can’t hear your own voice. Your voice gets welled up behind pursed lips. Hands flung over your ears. And all the while your noise touches no one. Wordless. Yes, I shall be wordless. For a short while. Can you read my wordless noise in my comic despair?

Silence, old as sky
The wind pushes me along
I feed them words

Image by Unsplash. Written to prompt by dVerse Poets. Poetic form: Haibun. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

17 responses to “for dVerse Poets: Haibun Monday”

  1. All true. It’s impossible to measure “good” in any objective way.

    In writing, “published” just means “marketable”, “self-published” just means “determined”. None of it guarantees quality.

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  2. Yours are my favorite silences, Misky. PLEASE keep them coming.

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    1. Well ……. okay.


  3. Somebody called me prolific a while back, and I took it as a very backhanded compliment 😅

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  4. Silence carried by the wind is as good as words.

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  5. Beverly Crawford avatar
    Beverly Crawford

    Well, if you give the winds words there goes silence!

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    1. Very possibly, yes. 😂


  6. Prolific-specific;
    magnific, terrific!

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    1. Aaah, thank you.

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  7. I really enjoyed this. I love the way you have used humour to convey your message.


  8. Wow… I love how you turned this concept inside-out, Misky.

    It’s like standing in a bucket of your own sweat.

    That is such an apt description!

    Much love,


    1. Thanks, David. ❤️


  9. Ain Starlingsson avatar
    Ain Starlingsson

    You hit hard. You are right though, so right… fact the philodophy imthere is so interesting. Is the objective to be profilic, after all? There should always be a certain quantity…but…..

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  10. I love this… and I so recognize myself… prolific, that is what I have been as well.

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