A Few Photos From The Cotswolds

A few photos from our trip to the Cotswolds. If you view the photos through the slide show, give them a bit of time to load.

ยฉMisky 2021

15 responses to “A Few Photos From The Cotswolds”

  1. I was able to open the 1st picture in a new window, 2-18 opened with waiting, but 19-24 not able to open or see. The ones I saw, WOW. I bet you could write an ekphrastic poem to every one. The green bug is so cool-looking. Are those albino pelicans? Pitcher plants growing outside of a controlled environment? Unheard of! Zebra grazing, wasn’t prepared for that one. The sign about the water and the horse made me laugh. Looks like there is a maze or labyrinth there? The buildings and the headstones look so old. With the buildings, it looks like everything possible is done to preserve your old buildings (here they are bulldozed for the most part.)


    • I’ve checked the photos using Firefox and Safari, plus the WordPress Reader, and the photos load okay on all of them for me. What browser or app are you using? The images are large – I wanted to keep the quality of pixels. Sorry, they don’t load for you, Lisa. I’ll check them again in the morning.

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  2. Holy moly!! ๐Ÿคช. The thing I noticed, in the swan photo was how separate the reflection and the shadow are. For some reason this fascinates me. I was able to view all 24 photos. I am on my phone. I just tapped on the first and then swiped through. They’re beautiful. What are those amphora like objects hanging from a tree? England looks so lush and picturesque. I think Australia does quaint quite well and sometimes raw or wild. But rarely picturesque. ๐Ÿ˜‚


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