8 September: 20 Pieces of a Poem

Photo by Brad Helmink on Unsplash

Day 6. The One Full of Contradictions

If something has no name, then how do we know what it is, if it’s nameless. Ida’s Youngest was like one of those concrete noun things. Like a brick. Or a statue. The Big Bang. A thing on to itself. Himself being himself. And he called himself Effortless, so he’d know what he was.

sky in his pocket
all that grey weighed him down
but it kept him grounded

This is Piece six of a (draft) multi-part project. The concept was originally created by Jim Simmerman, entitled “Twenty Little Poetry Projects”. ©Misky 2021 Photo by Brad Helmink on Unsplash

14 responses to “8 September: 20 Pieces of a Poem”

  1. I find these snippets so intriguing. They remind me a little of Jeanette Winterson’s writing (btw she’s a favourite of mine). The characters are so interesting and there are these ideas in there that catch my brain and whip it out of fog. And there is such poetry too. I would love to see the whole thing and read it all as one.

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    1. I’m glad. At the moment, I’ve no idea where they’re heading, which is why the pieces are so staggered. One day I’ll collate it in a PDF (maybe?)

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  2. Let it carry you. I heard a writer interviewed recently on Elizabeth Day’s blog who admitted she doesn’t plan. She lets characters do what they do. This was such a relief to me. I am hopeless at planning. Mainly because, once I have a plan, it feels like a boring list of chores to have to write it. So the idea of letting writing happen… it’s so appealing. It works in poems. I haven’t tried it in longer works much.. at least not recently.


    1. That’s encouraging! At least there’s some merit in an aimless brain 😂😂 What is the URL for the blog you mentioned?

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    2. Found it on podcasts. Is that what you listen to?

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      1. It’s called “how to fail with Elizabeth Day”. I enjoy it. I can’t remember the writer though. I will flick back through and see if I can remember who it was.

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        1. I’ve subscribed, so looking forward to it. Thanks, Worms.


          1. Awesome. I hope you like it. I think the writer was Chimanda Ngozie Adichi (hope I have the spelling right).

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            1. I’ll look for her. Thank you.

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  3. Perhaps poor old Effortless could be the nemesis of Endeavour Morse! 🙂

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    1. 😂 Endeavour … can you imagine carrying that name around with you forever?

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      1. 🤣…….and ever!


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